Super Strong uPVC French Doors

Our uPVC French doors are a popular option for many types of home, as they deliver a touch of continental flair. They are designed as a set of double doors that open from the centre. They can be used internally to break up a room or as a gateway between your home and garden. uPVC French doors create a stylish seamless entrance to any style of property. The uPVC French door gives unrestricted access to rooms as well as enhancing ventilation and natural light.

Our uPVC French doors are crafted using modern materials and installed with the highest quality hardware on the market. These doors will help expand the space and give the illusion of more room. Their super strong uPVC construction means your frames will never warp, rot, corrode or fade over time and through wear.

Use our online quoting engine to get a free, instant and highly competitive uPVC French door quote. We’re proud to offer outstanding prices for all of our customers, ensuring you only get the best for your home. Our pricing is sure to provide a cost effective way to get the very best for your home.

Enjoy wider and brighter views without compromising on security or energy efficiency. If you feel you want more information about our range of uPVC doors, please get in touch with us via our online contact form. A member of our friendly team will be more than happy to help you with any enquiries you may have.


Features & Benefits



There’s no such thing as a standard size. We make every uPVC French door to your exact specifications.



At Niddal, we have tested our uPVC French doors to ensure they will ward your home from extreme wind, snow and rain without cracking or warping.


Long Lasting

Our uPVC French doors are built to last. uPVC is a modern, weatherproof material that stays looking and performing amazing for decades.


Traditional Designs

Our uPVC French doors can be designed to imitate traditional profiles. Available in authentic woodgrain finishes, with none of the maintenance hassle.

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How Safe Are uPVC French Doors?

Niddal are trusted installers with years in the experience, they ensure that your new uPVC French doors are installed for maximum performance and security. Security of your home will be improved through multi point locking mechanisms and anti snap and anti drill barrels.

Are uPVC French doors Accessible?

You have the option to upgrade to low aluminium thresholds, enabling easy access for wheelchairs and pushchairs. We offer a range of additional options for our French doors, to allow you to create profiles that are the right fit for your home and the needs of your family.

What Is The Difference Between Internal and External French Doors?

External doors are generally used to be a natural gateways between homes and gardens. They normally open outwards but some can open inwards. They feature large glass panels which will brighten up your home, making your property feel bigger and airier.  In the summer months, you can leave your French door open to let in the cool air whilst in the winter, your French doors will allow lots of sunshine in without the warm air escaping. Interior French doors are used to separate two rooms in a home. It’s a fantastic way of creating more space, make the space feel bigger and airier.

Can You Customise uPVC French Doors?

Our range of stunning uPVC French doors can be customised so they are unique to your home. Choose from our range of stunning colours that includes modern hues, classic woodgrain finishes and elegant darker tones. You can also choose the colour of the handle so it suits the other hardware in your home. Visit our showroom today to see all our customisation options in person.

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