Beautiful Bow & Bay Windows

Bow & bay windows extend out from homes in a beautifully curved fashion, exuding an elegant and traditional charm. This style of window will offer panoramic views and enhance the amount of natural life that floods into your home. This design is typically seen on the front of properties, fitted to lounges or bedrooms.

Bow & bay windows slightly differ in design. A bay window is made from three windows that are different in size. A central picture window sits in the middle and is flanked by two smaller ones on either side. A bow window is made up of multiple window sections, all the same dimensions, which are fitted together to create a curved shape.

A bow window consists of more contemporary features and crisp, clean edges. This design allows you to maximise the space of the room, whilst enjoying enhanced views and increased natural lighting. Additional space is created internally when installing bay windows, perfect for a peaceful reading area or for extra storage. To learn how easy they are to maintain, see our maintenance page today.

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Features & Benefits


High Security

All our windows come with the latest high security multi point locking systems and lockable handles.


Energy Efficiency

To ensure a warmer home in the winter months, our bow & bay windows achieve premium standards of thermal efficiency and an energy rating.


Easy Upkeep

Bow & Bay windows are very easy to stay looking great. They may occasionally require a wipe with a damp cloth.


Long Lasting

Our bow & bay windows are made from high performing uPVC materials. This durable choice can withstand harsh weather and heavy use.

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Are Bow & Bay Windows Expensive?

uPVC bow & bay windows shouldn’t cost the Earth. We offer competitive prices for homeowners across the North Yorkshire area. We have options that suit different budgets, homes and customers. Get in touch today and get an accurate quote based on the specifications of your property.

How Can I Customise My Bow & Bay Windows?

Niddal allows customers to personalise the design of their bow or bay windows. Our range of glass includes options that will suit every home and fit the taste of any homeowner. Bring your windows to life by choosing from our rich palette of colour options. We offer a broad range of colours from classic neutrals to modern shades. We also offer authentic wood effects with stunning foil finishes. Enhance your bow & bay windows by selection from our fantastic range of handle choices. Choose a contemporary chrome or a shade the matches your existing double glazing installations. You won’t have to choose from a limited set of designs.

How Secure Are Bow & Bay Windows?

Our uPVC bow & bay windows provide high performing levels of security for your Yorkshire home. These frames are crafted with built in locking systems and are made from high grade materials. We understand that security is a priority for homeowners, this is why our double glazing products perform better for longer.

How Thermally Efficient are Bow & Bay Windows?

Our bow & bay windows provide your home with advanced levels of energy efficiency. As a larger set of windows that take up a greater surface area, it’s essential that these windows trap your home’s natural heat. The chambered uPVC profile and high quality double glazing work together to ensure that as little heat as possible escapes your home. As a result of their excellent insulation can also help to lower your heat losses, which means you’ll need to spend less money heating your home and will burn less fuel.

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