Versatile and Attractive Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt & turn windows offer a simple mechanism without compromising safety and security. Our tilt & turn windows offer slim sightlines and integrated multi functional hardware. This is a fantastic choice if you are looking for modern design, high levels of security and fantastic weather performance for your home.

The rotating window handle turns in one direction, enabling the vent to tilt back and ventilate your home. Compared to other styles on the market, Niddal’s tilt & turn windows have a bigger vent opening compared to other casement windows on the market. This is the perfect window option for those who live in high rise flats. They also are a fantastic addition to kitchens, as they are more accessible than other options on the market.

Use our online quoting engine, and you can get accurate prices on our stunning range of windows. Customise your window profiles so they perfectly suit your property, from modern homes to traditional properties and apartments. Alternatively, we are still happy to provide quotes for our tilt & turn windows over the phone. Leave your contact details and some specifications about your windows on our online form, and we’ll get back to you as soon we can. You’re also welcome to visit our showrooms or call us directly on 01423 866588.

Features & Benefits



These high security tilt & turn windows feature secure internal glazing beads, locking window handles and multi point locks.


Easy to Maintain

As these windows fully open into the property, they are easy to clean both inside and outside. You’ll never need a ladder to properly clean the outside windows of your home.


Unobstructed Views

Tilt & turn windows are particularly beneficial for bigger window glazing areas as they offer unobstructed views and allows high levels of natural light into a room.



Quality weather seals ensure that our tilt & turn windows protect your home against the elements. Enjoy a damp and draught free home.

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How Can I Customise My Tilt & Turn Windows?

You can choose from a broad range of colours, to ensure they perfectly fit your Knaresborough home. You can even have a different frame colour inside and outside. We have something for every home, be it modern or traditional. We also offer a variety of window handle colours and styles. Choose any accessories such as trickle vents, cills and trims.

What Are Tilt & Turn Windows Made With?

Our tilt & turn windows are manufactured using a uPVC. High performing yet cost effective, uPVC is the perfect material for the modern homeowner. uPVC is easy to maintain and stays looking fantastic over time, without requiring very much upkeep. uPVC does not rot or rust over time, unlike other materials used to manufacture windows.

Are Tilt & Turn Windows Safe?

Our window meets the latest BS7950 and PAS24 security standards. Our tilt & turn windows offer fantastic levels of security thanks to internal glazing and high quality locks. These high security windows feature secure internal glazing beads, locking window handles and multi point locks.Because you don’t need to fully open your window to let air into your home, it makes it a safer option if you have young children or animals. They can also be opened wider, making it an effective emergency escape.

Are Tilt & Turn Windows Expensive?

Tilt & turn windows can be a slightly more expensive double glazing option due to their complex framework. However, they are still cost effective compared to other options on the market. Due to their versatility, durability and easy maintenance, they are a fantastic long term investment. Because they have such fantastic air seal, tilt & turn windows are less prone to leaks and draughts. This will help save you money on heating your home, assisting in the lowering your energy bills. To get an accurate cost tailored to the specifications of your North Yorkshire home, use our online quoting engine today.

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