Work From Home with Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are their own private space, separate from the house, usually found at the foot of your garden. It’s a place away from the bustle of your home where you can close the door on the rest of the world and work, play, relax or indulge in a new hobby. We offer a completely bespoke design, manufacture and installation service and can tailor every garden room to individual tastes and requirements. Combining function and form, our garden rooms are able to offer a beautiful ‘room like’ interior.

With a solid roof, a garden room offers more privacy than a standard conservatory. A garden room is a fantastic alternative to a traditional extension as it can be used all year round and offers a space away from your home. Contact us today to get an estimated garden room quote.


Features & Benefits


Sturdy Foundation

We install a traditional concrete raft foundation, this is typically installed the week prior to the garden building.


Thermally Efficient

Due to their modern designs, our garden rooms are able to regulate temperature across the year effectively.



Our garden rooms are independently wired and certified ready for connection to your electrical supply.


Hassle Free

Our garden rooms have minimal groundwork and their installation will cause minimal disturbance to your main home.

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To discuss the design and installation of a bespoke garden room, please contact Niddal directly today.

Do Garden Rooms Cost Less Than Extensions?

Most garden rooms are a more inexpensive option compared to extensions. Adding extras will cost more, but it will still usually be considerably more cost efficient than a house extension. The installation time is also much lower for garden rooms compared to extensions.

Can I Use A Garden Room For Work?

Garden rooms are a fantastic space to set up an office. As it’s separate from your home, it’s great at getting your work life away from your family life. You will find there are fewer distractions and noise, making it the perfect place to meet clients or holding work meetings both offline and online.
A garden room can also be a fantastic addition if you are looking at starting your own business from home like a class, beauty studio or a manufacturing company. Here some other examples of fantastic uses for a garden room.
• Living space for the garden
• Art Studio
• Craft Workshop
• Home cinema
• Children’s playroom
• A home gym
• A reading or study room
• An extra guest room or lounge

Do I Have The Choice of Windows and Doors?

When you choose Niddal for your new garden room, you can use our expertise to get the right double glazing. Choose from a wide range of doors including French doors, bifold door and patio doors and a wide variety of finishes include power coated aluminium. We offer a flexibility in the choice of finishing colours and security enhancements.

Can I Decorate The Garden Room?

Of course! We understand that every client has different needs for the garden room, and different personal tastes. This is why we work with our customers to ensure they get the best installation for them and their property. Get in touch today to speak to our customer service team.


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